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Ready for College Admission Simplified?

Explore. Select. Organize. Apply. Succeed.

Based in Concord, Massachusetts, Youth College Connections offers professional expertise in educational consulting, college admissions counseling, career coaching and exploration, and more. We provide engaging one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, and custom-designed seminar formats to serve our individual, family, or institutional clients. 

To guide students in pinpointing the right match, YCC has developed a proprietary database of information on colleges including: campus environment, majors, sports, activities, Greek life, etc.

Comprehensive College Admissions and Career Coaching

YCC addresses the needs of a wide range of students. Whatever his or her strengths, background, interests, or stage in the process, we can quickly assess, create a plan, and help the student move toward success. With our flexible services, you can choose from several options, including:

• Initial Evaluation
• Family Meetings
• Student Meetings
• School Meetings
• Readiness for College Assessments
• Career/Personality Assessment Tools
• Internship Search
• Standardized Test and IEP Reviews
• Admissions Timeline Development
• College Search
• Application and Personal Essay Support
• Portfolio Guidance
• Interview and College Visit Preparation
• Scholarship and Financial Aid Guidance
• Transition Planning
• and much more

Global Reach

YCC has a virtual team of experts in education and psychology to support students, even if they reside outside the Boston Metro area. We have worked successfully with students all around the country, and even internationally. We communicate with our students through in-person, phone, email, and/or Zoom sessions.

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New Approaches, Dynamic Educational Consulting

Academic success and career fulfillment requires a commitment to engaged learning – not just for today, but for the rest of your life. We can all count on the constant shifts of globalization, technology, and climate change to alter the way we live, play, and work. We live in a diverse and rapidly changing world. The college majors and careers paths of today may well be redesigned for tomorrow.

• How do we coach our young people to take advantage of a great education and hands-on work opportunities?

• How can students build the confidence, resilience, interpersonal communications, technical/scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills to navigate through their own paths to success?

• What if they have graduated college and still require some career coaching or graduate school exploration help?

Our approach to engaged education and community involvement is the starting point to their continuing success and prosperity. Our educational consulting services can pinpoint specific areas for personal, academic, and career development. We can offer these services to individuals, small groups, schools, colleges, and other organizations. Depending upon your needs, we can collaborate with external service providers, such as technical skills-based training centers or focused psychological services providers.

Practical, Affordable, and Flexible Services

YCC strives to offer practical, flexible services (coaching, webinars, seminars, or consulting) to meet your goals and budgets.

Jump Start Your Critical Thinking Skills

Anyone can learn … but what’s the best way for you? Good study skills begin with good habits, and anyone can learn new habits when there’s a reward for the effort! What motivates you to work harder, learn more, or get involved? The video hosted by Karen Kugel, YCC director, presents 10 ways to improve your study skills.

Hint: Click on the link and take some notes!

10 Tips for Better and Faster Learning

Students Meeting Woman Facing Audience Woman Facing Audience

Focused, Engaging Seminars and Workshops

Our programs can be customized for a wide range of audiences and budgets. Seminars can run 60 to 90 minutes or be expanded into   half-day boot camps or multi-day workshops.

We can create inspired and customized learning opperatunities for high school students, parents, college student, career seekers,         communties, schools, and more.

Learn Your Way: Live Workshops, Webinars, Videos

YCC offers cost-effective live seminars, hands-on workshops, webinars, and video-based presentation formats. Here are some sample topics for students, parents, college students/career seekers, community organizations and schools.

For Students

• Discovering Who You Are, Uncovering Your Strengths
• What is Your Dream? Finding the Right Match
• Writing Workshop: Essays That Matter
• Simplifying the College Search and Application Process Is a Gap Year Right For You?

For Parents

• Starting Early: Reducing Family Stress During the College Search Process
• Helping Your Teen Explore Careers and Colleges
• Special Challenges for Special Needs: Advocacy Strategies and Choices
• Money Matters and College
• Reality Check: High School vs. College

For College Students and Career Seekers

 • Admissions Strategies for Transfer Students
 • Getting an Internship
 • Workshop: Effective Resumes, Interviews and Job Search Strategies
 • Is Graduate Education Right for You?

For the Community and Schools

 • Media Madness: Successful Searches for Colleges, Scholarships, and Educational Resources
 • Developing Resilience in our Youth
 • A New Look at Diversity
 • Creating a Culture of Youth and Family Wellness

Quotation MarkKaren is an inspiring teacher and writing coach. Very helpful when it came to all those essays! Quotation Mark

—Frances D., Arlington, MA